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First of all, sorry by my english, i'm not fluency.

Do you know what moves or abilities can ignore items or change enemy's ability? Please, awnser!


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There are several moves that will change the enemy's ability:

  • Gatro Acid: suppresses an enemy's ability (the enemy basically has no ability while this is in effect)
  • Worry Seed: changes the enemy's ability to Insomnia
  • Skill Swap: swaps the user's and target's abilities
  • Entrainment: gives the target the user's ability
  • Simple Beam: changes the enemy's ability to Simple

There is only one ability that will change the enemy's ability:

  • Mummy: any Pokemon that makes contact with the Pokemon with Mummy will have their own ability changed to Mummy.

There are a couple of abilities that will ignore some enemy abilities, however, if that counts:

  • Mold Breaker
  • Teravolt
  • Turboblaze

Where this becomes harder is the part concerning items. The ability Klutz will make the user be unaffected by their own held item, which is the closest I could think of a Pokemon ignoring items. I am not sure there is any move or ability that lets the Pokemon ignore their enemy's held item, however.

There is embargo which prevents using items for five turns but still allows mega evolution.
Don't forget about Neutralizing Gas.