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How does the game determine the Damage Power of a Z-Move based on the initial move?


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Given that the code is unlikely to be extracted soon, allow me to go on a whim and say that Z-move damage will continue to be calculated under the conventional damage formula, where base will be the base power as listed on Serebii. (If you check the Z-move pages on Serebii's Attackdex, it will list all the base powers for individual moves that have the potential to be Z-movified).

While I am willing to trust Serebii in their calculations, if anyone can prove that Z-moves use a different formula, I'd be willing to see your results.

Hope I helped. :)
Source: Above link and Z-move pages.

The minimum base power is 100, and from there it scales according to the power of the move. I believe the maximum power for a Z-Move is 200.
V-Cannon (or whatever Victini's signature move is) is 220.
Really? I guess it goes higher then.