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I know how a Pokemon can use one z-move per battle, depending on you and your Pokemon's z-crystals. But, after viewing the sun and moon website, I could never figure this out - Let's say all of your team members had the same z-crystal. Could all six of your Pokemon use a z-move, or just one (like mega evolution)?

I know it's a stupid question, but it's just that this whole new "z" thing is hard to take in all at once. Also, I don't have the games yet - gotta wait 'til Christmas :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

Oh, and please note that I am limited to the tags I can use because of my low level, explaining the fact that I can't tag "z-moves"


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Z-Moves can only be used once in the whole battle.
For example, if my Torracat uses Inferno Overdrive, my Crabrawler can't use All-Out Pummeling in the same battle.


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