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I was thinking of possibly getting a Breloom with a life-orb on my team and seeing that Breloom is a grass and fighting type I was thinking about the moves drain punch and giga drain, then what popped up in my mind was if they cancelled out the recoil of life-orb. I had recently looked at good move sets for Breloom and while I was browsing I saw a Breloom set that involved drain punch and life orb as the main pull to the set (it was literally called the drain set :P). With this all said I would think it would be possible and it would be kinda op because you would be doing increased damage for no consequence which would make these moves do around 100 damage and they`re already a STAB for Breloom. Thanks

The move will heal before the recoil from Life Orb activates. So you'll gain back HP from the move, and then you'll take damage from the LO. While you can definitely potentially heal more than you lose, you can never be at full HP from draining moves.
the ability sheer force gives you an extra boost instead of the life orb life loss if you are using a move with an added effect

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Well you'll get back some of your HP, but remember, Life Orb takes away HP after you attack, so you won't ever get full HP at the end of a turn with Life Orb + Drain Punch

For example, Breloom has a HP total of 100, but has 50 HP right now. He uses Drain Punch on a Pokémon and gets back exactly 50 HP. However, now, the Life Orb recoil will occur, and Breloom will end up with 90 HP (100 - [10% of 100])

Source: Experience

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