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In Sun/Moon, Zygarde can have either Aura Break or Power Construct. Can a Zygarde formed from the Zygarde cube have Power Construct? Is it random? Or is there another way to get Power Construct?


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It depends on how many Zygarde Cells you collect; if you collect 10 or 50, then Zygarde will be in 10%/50% Forms, albeit with Aura Break. Only if you collect and combine all 100 cells do you get a Complete Zygarde w/ Power Construct.

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But if you go to Zygarde 50% and 10%on this website it says they can have Power Construct?
that's because this answer is only half correct. You get a zygarde 50% (idk about 10%) with power construct, not a complete zygarde. power construct allows it to become complete zygarde when it reaches 50% health.