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I want to disassemble my Zygarde whom forgot Extreme Speed. Will the core teaching Extreme speed return?

Zygarde the Pokemon's information.
Extreme Speed move information from the game I use for my Zygarde.

I'm highly curious. Thanks for answering.

I don't know much about sun/moon, but maybe if there's a move relearner? You said Zygarde forgot it, so if there is one, it should work.
Yeah, there’s a move relearner and heart scales are really easy to get.
Should I put this as an answer?

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If you want to teach Zygarde Extreme Speed, or Assemble one with it, the Zygarde Cube can teach Zygarde Extreme Speed so long as you’ve collected the right core (or when you obtain it in USM), reguardless of if the cube contains any cells or not.
You don’t need to disable Zygarde to teach/reteach it Extreme Speed (In fact, you can teach it to Zygarde that don’t originate from the Cells).

Also, note that the Zygarde Cube in Sword/Shield no longer teaches any moves, and Zygarde has no way of learning Extreme Speed other than transferring. :P

Source: Extensive SM/USM Gameplay

Hope I helped!

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