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I've been trying to catch all the Tapu's, but I can't seem to find the Ruins of Abundance at all. I know it's in the Haina desert, but I keep getting all mixed up in there and end up back at the beginning. I did however find the man in the desert who said he had amnesia, but he did remember one Pokémon (which was Lunatone), and if he saw it he might remember more. I'm not sure if that's connected to the Ruins at all, but anything helps I guess.

Wasn't there that 2-1-4-3 combination (don't quote me on this, as it may not be right) that the man tells you? Could that be of any help or does that lead to someplace else?

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Now, I'm trying to avoid spoilers so I haven't personally watched the video, but I'm sure this video is a promising solution to your problem. You can always trust Let's Plays to guide you through a game. If not, just shout at me and I'll remove the answer lol.

Hope I helped. :)

Thanks! The video helped a lot!
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there is a trainer with a Probopass outside the entrance to the desert. that person will give you a series of numbers. the numbers are: 2-1-3-4. this is referring to the stone stacks you find in different areas of the desert. the first area has 2 stones stacked. follow that direction. then there will be an area with 1 stone stacked. follow that direction. then there will be a three stone stacked area. follow that direction. once you get to an area where there is an old man staring at a plant anking for his Pokemon, go up from this area and you'll find the ruins of abundance.
i caught all the tapu's and this one was difficult, so i'll help all those who need it in this situation
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sorry it's 2-1-4-3.
omg thank you!!!!!!!!!!