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You can find a Heart Scale at Exeggutor Island hidden in some red flowers on the island.
Konikoni City and Seafolk Village yield Heart Scales through battling at their restaurants.
The Festival Plaza can yield Heart Scales through their games.
Heart Scales can also be found through fishing, whether that be found directly or through a held item of wild fished Luvdisc.

Information on Sun and Moon is still tentative, so if anyone has further info that can be sourced, please comment.

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Source: http://www.serebii.net/itemdex/heartscale.shtml

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Not entirely accurate. You can buy an unlimited number of Heart Scales at the restaurants in Konikoni and Seafolk, plus one other city whose name is eluding me (the place where Mallow and Olivia live). You get 4 per meal at Konikoni, 1 at Seafolk, and 2 at that other city.
Bulbapedia has both Mallow's and Olivia's hometown as Konikoni City? But I've edited the answer to change the inexhaustible supply thing.
Oops, my mistake, I was mixing my cities up.

How it works is that there are restaurants in Konikoni City, Malie City, and Seafolk Village. You buy a meal at these restaurants, spending various amounts of money based off the restaurant. You do not battle, you just eat a meal there.

Konikoni's gives you two Heart Scales, Malie City's gives you four Heart Scales, and Seafolk's gives you one Heart Scale but is the best value.
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