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I need them to teach Lucario Aura Sphere


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I'm pretty sure the easiest way to get Heart Scales is to find wild Luvdiscs via fishing. They have a 50% chance of holding Heart Scales whenever you encounter one, so you can either catch a bunch or teach a Pokemon Thief and then use that to steal the items from them.

You can find wild Luvdiscs at Route 128, Ever Grande City, and Victory Road. You should probably use a Super Rod while fishing so there's a higher chance of finding them.

If you don't feel like fishing for Luvdiscs, you can find some more locations in the source I linked below. I can add them to this answer if you want as well.


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So there is no person that gives you a heart scale each day for showing them something?
I don't think there's anybody who does that.
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I find heart scales by smashing rocks with Rock Smash. If you keep smashing rocks, you're bound to find some heart scales.