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I am trying to teach my Togekiss Air Slash and Aura Sphere, but I need heart scales to do that, and I don't know how to quickly get them.

There is one in the Oreburgh mine or cave or whatever the thing south of the city is called. It's in the large pile of stuff directly to the west of the entrance. There is also another one to the left below the house on the guy that checks your mon's footsteps east of Pastoria. South of that house is a fisherman right beside the water. To his left is a herat scale. Both of them are hidden

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There is. On route 213, you can find 2 hidden heart scales. On route 222, you can find another 2 hidden heart scales. On route 223, you can find 2 more hidden heart scales. On route 224, you can find a hidden heart scale. On route 226, you can find a hidden heart scale. In Oreburgh City, you can find a hidden heart scale. In Victory Road, you can find 2 hidden heart scales.Here are all the locations.
the very edge of the west beach directly below Dr. Footstep's house (hidden)Route 213
On east side of the east beach (hidden)Route 213
Between Fisherman Brett and Fisherman Cole (hidden)
On the beach, south of the Pikachu Fan Club (hidden)Route 222
On the first islet (hidden)Route 223
Southwest of Sailor Zachariah (hidden)Route 223
On the beach north of Black Belt Carl (hidden)Route 224
On the isolated beach southwest of Swimmer Lydia (requires Surf) (hidden)Route 226
In the middle of the slag heap in the mining section (hidden)Oreburgh
On rock southeast of Psychic Valencia (hidden)Victory Road
On a boulder between Veteran Terrell and Black Belt Eddie (requires Strength) (hidden)Victory Road

Source: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Heart_Scale

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