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Is it worth breeding for IVs anymore or should I just use bottle caps (btw how do bottle caps work?)

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duh it is lol
Bottle Caps are a limited resource, so personally it is still worthwhile to breed for them.  Especially now that the IV judge becomes a feature of the PC...  Just makes it so much faster.

The real big advantage of this new system is the greatly increased ease of achieving desired Hidden Power types, now that you don't have to micro 30's and 31's.  You only need to worry about odd or even.

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IV breeding is still considered useful, as it's faster than Hyper Training. Although I'm not an IV breeder myself, people who are say the Hyper Training and Bottle Caps are hard to find and use, so IV breeding is probably still good, if not better.

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I guess not really, unless you are playing in a previous gen. Do to the new function in Sun/Moon, it makes the IV breeding useless. But, that my opinion. It's really your choice to continue breeding, I just feel like it isn't useful.

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