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I got back from dream world woth an item calld "pass orb" says it contains the energy of the whole unova region but I don't get whats the point of hveing is item ? what does it even do ? how can it help me ?

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From Bulbapedia:


The Entree is the tree with a blue hexagonal shape on its front, located somewhere in the middle of the Entralink. The Entree stores power-ups known as Pass Powers that provide useful boosts or effects that can be registered to the Tag Log and be shared with people connected wirelessly. These Pass Powers require the use of items called Pass Orbs, and can be found in another player's Entralink, or when completing missions.

When the entering the Entralink for the first time, the Entree is a small circular bud which is slightly grayish in colour. As the Entree grows, it spirals outwards and its colour changes according to the composition of its ★Black and ☆White Levels. Growth of the Entree may only be done by completing missions in other players' worlds.

Pass Powers and Pass Orbs

Pass Orbs may also be found scattered around the other player's Entralink, and are required to utilize Pass Powers. When used via the Tag Log, Pass Powers provide useful boosts or effects that affect all nearby people connected wirelessly. Pass Powers are found on the Entree.

There are a total of 33 Pass Powers and obtaining all of them is a requirement for the player to upgrade his or her Trainer card. This is achieved when both the ★Black and ☆White levels of the player's Entree reaches at least 30.

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