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I've checked the database, smogon, bulbapedia, serebii, etc. and they all state that psyshock deals damage based on the opponent's defense stat, however, it doesn't state if it deals more damage the higher the opponent's stat is or the lower it is. I mean it'd be fantastic if it was based on a higher stat, but I just want to clarify things for myself and others.

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Here's how the move works. Since Psyshock is a special attacking move, the Pokemon using the move's special attack stat can control the move's damage. However, the defending Pokemon's defense stat comes into play instead of special defense.

Example: Your special-attacking Pokemon uses Psychic against say, a Blissey. Blissey's special defense stat is really high so it tanks the damage. However, if you use Psyshock, then it would do more damage because Blissey's defense is lower.

Hope that wasn't too confusing! :)

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Well, obviously no. if the DEFENSE stat is high and your using a PHYSICAL attacking move, then your not gonna do a significant amount of damage unless your Pokemon's ATTACK is high as well. So, as far as I know, Psyshock doesn't do damage based on the stats of the target. If that were the case, however, then a lot of trainers would have Psyshock on every Pokemon that can learn that move that it on their team.

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it deals more damage if the opponent has lower defense but not higher defense since if you think about it dealing more damage if the opponent has more defense doesn't make so much sense.Hope I Helped!

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