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I have a team worked out for Pokemon Sun/Moon, and want a water type Pokemon to seal off any last weaknesses and type disadvantages. I typically heavily rely on my water Pokemon.

Anyways, I am wondering what order you challenge the Tapus and what levels you challenge them, Tapu Fini especially.

Do you have to go purposefully out of your way to catch them, or are they part of the storyline?


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All of the Tapus can be caught after you become the Champion, by going to their respective ruins on their respective islands. For reference:

Tapu Koko=Ruins Of Conflict=Melemele Island
Tapu Lele=Ruins Of Life=Akala Island
Tapu Bulu=Ruins Of Abundance=Ula'ula Island
Tapu Fini=Ruins Of Hope=Poni Island

All the Tapus are Level 60. Tapu Koko must be fought first, but after that you can challenge them in any order, and are not caught as part of the storyline.

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Tapu Koko has to be fought first. Not in any order lol
Huh, that never came up in my research... I'll add it ASAP. Thanks for the tip!