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I got 1 Level Ball during the story mode. I failed catching a Pokemon with it. Now I want more Level balls for breeding. How does one acquire value balls on Sun and Moon? Also for Beast Balls.

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What is a 'value ball'?  Do you mean one of the Apricorn balls?
I meant to say "Level Ball" sorry for the inconvenience. Level Ball with a V sign
Level Ball I meant to say.
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Level Balls (and other Apricorn Balls)

As of yet, the internet has found no other method to obtain more Apricon Balls, which kinda sucks.

Beast Balls

When you run out of Beast Balls, Looker will give you more Beast Balls if you do not have any in your inventory. By letting all of your Pokemon hold the Beast Balls, you can basically get an infinite amount of Beast Balls (although it would require a hell of a lot of Pokemon to be caught. See source for a video).

Hope I helped. :)