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I caught one in pokémon moon and when it registered to the pokedex there was an evolved form for it.

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is it possible that as of S/M breeding Miltank can result in an egg with Miltank OR Tauros, just as Volbeat and Illumise can?

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Tauros does not evolve. However, for some reason he and Miltank are placed together on the PokéDex page when you first catch it, much like an evolutionary line. However, Miltank does not evolve from Tauros. The likely reason that they are in the PokéDex together is that Tauros is a bull and Miltank is a cow, which are similar for obvious reasons.

They are also both 100% gender ratio Pokemon.  Tauros are 100% Male, and Miltank are 100% Female.  Together, they form 1 single "real world" specie, the cow.  That seems to have been a big thing in the design of Alola, fleshing out the Pokemon world to more accurately mirror the real one.