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So, I want a popplio from GTS, but the only Pokemon being asked for that i'm even close to getting is zygarde(i just beat the second kahuna and I have 12 zygarde cubes, I don't technically have it yet or really know how to get it). So, if I traded it away, what exactly would happen?

I got all three of the starters from wonder trading.

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The Zygarde that you develop with the cells scattered around Alola is the only Zygarde you can obtain in-game. Therefore, if you Wonder Trade your 10% Zygarde Form for example, you can only get 90% of all the Zygarde cells and therefore only a 50% or 10% Zygarde could be produced. So trade wisely!

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So do the cells just vanish for you? And can the person you trade it to disassemble it? Can they then do that to have more than 100 cells? Can they get to 100% just through trading?
From what I've gathered, it seems you can disassemble others' traded Zygardes and get more than 100 cells. But it's a pretty hazy concept right now...
thanks, good to know
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Yes, you're trading away your cells, so, you should never do that to your Zygarde, however, I recommend you breed your current starter, and put it up on the GTS for another starter