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I got Meloetta yesterday and I went to the pokédex to get a better look. Then I saw Pirouette forme. I saw it was fighting type, so I tried to teach Meloetta Brick Break because I thought it would change. So, today I went here to search if I could get help and I saw something called the relic song. Is that the move needed for her to change? She only came with Round, and I deleted it, have I screwed up?


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While it is not known to evolve into or from any Pokémon, it has a second Forme activated by using the move Relic Song in battle. Its original Forme, Aria Forme, will then become the Normal/Fighting-type Pirouette Forme.


Relax, you're fine. Round is of no use for Meloetta. Brick Break has nothing to do with it either. Relic Song is the where the whole deal is.

Simple as that! :D

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So long your Meloetta isn't hacked (you got is from the giveaway, I assume), you're fine.
So, I looked Relic Song up and it said it had to be learned from a move tutor, where can I find it?
There's an ace trainer in Snowbelle City who'll teach it to your Meloetta.
Cool! Thanks. :)