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More easily understandable, will Pyukumuku's ability Innards Out activate on the target and do the damage based on HP thing if Pyukumuku uses Memento? I want to know this for competitive reasons, as that will make Pyukumuku COMPLETELY broken

I also want a link for proof.

(Ability Information) Innards Out- When Pyukumuku faints, the opponent will take damage equal to Pyukumuku's HP before it fainted.
Pyukumuku has 125 HP. Decidueye uses Leaf Blade and Pyukumuku faints. Innards Out activates and Decidueye takes 125 HP damage, since Pyukumuku had 125 HP before fainting.


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According to this, Innards Out is not triggered by Memento.

Thank you! That was VERY helpful for me, as I needed a Pyukumuku build, so knowing this can help me find a moveset fitted for my playstyle.