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He seems gimmiky with no weaknesses good offense but no speed and average defense the only good set I see is
Coil(boost Attack, Defense and Acc)
Dragon Claw(Coverage)
Rock Slide/Brick Break(Coverage)
so does he have hidden potential

I would actually not use either Dragon Claw or Thunder on a Physical set. I'd go with Wild Charge (that way you aren't having to put EVs in both Attack and Special Attack) and both Brick Break and Rock Slide. Where Elektross is going (UU/NU), there are not a ton of Dragons. And Rock Slide already deals with Altaria. So I'd go for better type coverage with Brick Break and Rock Slide. I mean, not like there is a huge power difference there either.

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If you know how to use him, he is excellent. Otherwise, he is a load of trubbish.

Trubbish is cute
Yeah, but he is "rubbish".
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Electross has no weaknesses because of levitate and he is elecric. there for a HUGE powerhouse

Yes, Sableye by that logic is a powerhouse.
I think you forgot mold breaker , I just saw one gettin killed by a haxorus' earthquake.