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I want to know where and how to get the most views for my pokefinder. I would rather know which place is the best than have to grind for the 15000000 views

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It's hard to find a whole lot of reliable advice and tips on how to master the art of the Poke Finder (likely because it's buried under the much better (tbh) selection of new features), but let me offer my experience to the world. My advice for the perfect picture: don't take a deep and meaningful photo of a Lillipup staring contemplatively in the distance (like I did at first lol).

Make sure the Pokemon's face is looking as close to the camera as possible, and make sure it as close to the middle of the shot as possible. But the best photos are ones where the Pokemon looks happy in the picture, i.e. if they're jumping or scratching their head or being cute. Rotom's words of encouragement are a good indicator of how good your photo is. The best phrases he gives are 'Brilliant!' and 'Fantastic!', which are usually done when you take a photo of a joyous Pokemon. You can also turn the volume up every time you take a photo, the more happy the music is, the better the photo. Also be careful on how far you've zoomed in; some commenters might bash you if you've zoomed in or out all the way (although this may not affect the resulting thumbs-up count).

So these are the indicators of the best photo possible. Tips on how to get that photo? I guess there are a few ways; you can focus on one section of the field and take photos of the Pokemon while it is in the shot. This allows for a much less stressful experience, however I like to follow the Pokemon around the screen as this can allow you to find shots of it being joyful more often. That's personal preference though, do whatever you fancy.

If you have anymore questions, I guess you can ask and I'll see if I can answer them.

Hope I helped. :)
Source: Experience (yeah I've actually used this feature for some reason) and this video for reference

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Ok, so I've wanted to know the answer to this too, and was training up my Pokemon for the league and at the same time filling my dex by evolving the pokes I needed to evolve, and then got bored and wanted to do a small amount of poke finder grinding... and I found what my favourite poke finder spot is, I can consistently get between 5000 - 6000 thumbs up most photos... and it just so happens to be on...


You can mainly see vanilite and vanillish here, and, although vanilite sometimes might not face the camera, if it is it smiles very often making it easy to get more than 3000, but vanillish is what I keep finding over and over, and they always smile, meaning catching them facing you with the best zoom you have available can get you good points, I'm on level 4 meaning I have the max zoom and I always get 5000 - 6000, and many times they just slowly float along. Sometimes they move very fast but if you get a good photo it shouldn't matter. And conveniently there is a big blue ice crystal thing that it can start moving directly forward (so facing you perfectly) at so just line the camera there and you should get a good shot.

It's all up to preference, and I haven't seen too many spots, but this one seems pretty good, try it out and if you like it too then great, whats not great though is that either way it still takes heaps of grinding :/ oh well. (who thought it was a good idea to have level five be 1.5 million points)

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Oh and btw the actual spot is found by walking towards the league and as soon as it goes on screen go right and you'll find a small branch from the path where you can take a photo
You can also find absol which I got my high score of 13000 points on
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Little late but I got 20K+ at the bridge in vast pony canyon with a close-up lucario <3

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