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So my Views are usually bad when I do Pikachu/Rockruff/Growlife... why?

and then Absol,

Gets 12,680... why is that tho...?

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My best guess to why you get a small amount of points when photographing Pikachu/Growlithe/Rockruff is because they're early game Pokemon that can be found at the first Pokefinder spot, while Absol is not. Also, it's possible that most of the shots of Pikachu/Growlithe/Rockruff that you get just aren't as good as the shots you get of other Pokemon.
They are probably the best shots I've got from pika/growl/rock
Is the Absol smiling? Pokemon get a lot of thumbs-up when they look happy.
Oh, okay thanks, SMILE ABSOL, I NEED THE VIEWS!!!

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My guess is the rarity, Absol is in lore a very rare Pokemon that rarely comes down from the mountain, where as growlithe are most likely a very pet store like Pokemon. This is just my speculation, I'm not saying this is why.
Another factor I notice is how much of the Pokemon is visable. if you can see the face, get most of the body, and maybe catch it doing a 'pose' you'll et more points. Happy photo taking!

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