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Is it worth using belly-drum even though his sp-atk is better
if so what other moves and items ivs etc?

Depends on the height.

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Using Belly Drum will make it so that it doesn't matter if Charizard has higher special attack. A +6 boost makes it have very high attack. It also works well with Blaze and a Salac Berry. You'll want to go with Fire Punch, Thunderpunch, and Earthquake to back up Belly Drum. As for IVs, well, perfect IVs of course :P If you mean EVs go 252 Attack, 252 speed, 4 HP.

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Why not ev hp 252 hp so I can survive after belly drum?
Charizard isn't the Pokemon who you're wanting to take hits. You need the Attack and Speed IVs so you can sweep. HP is useless with the typing and defenses Charizard has. To even get in a Belly Drum you have to play real smart.