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Both are well balanced moves, but I dont know if I should boost all stats for 1/3 of its health, or boost the already huge attack stat by 6 in exchange for 1/2 of its total health.


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You'll become a sweeper if you put on the belly drum which will be pretty good with a salac berry. Then you can get a substitute in for the block and get a salac berry boost. Then you might outspeed the opponent and get a drain Punch and heal yourself up. Afterwards you can have another move like Thunder Punch or Poison Jab. So I suggest Belly Drum if you are using my strategy.

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Thanks! I'll use your set.
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Clangorous soul has less of a drawback and can cover weaknesses as well as strengthen Kommo-o’s strong points.So that would be a better choice. But an alternative is to get belly drum and use a normalaium Z as Z belly drum gives you the stat boost and heals your health. Though of course the choice is entirely yours.

sub salac belly drum is better than z belly drum im pretty sure
also if they are talking about clangorous soul from gen 8, z belly drum can't exist