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So you know how you go there the hole in the sky to catch cosmog. I was wondering if you can continue to play on that alternate World without conflict.

My understanding is that GameFreak wanted to make it easier for players with limited play time to access time-of-day related things in the game.  For example, some Pokemon can only be encountered at night, or during the day.  Some Zygarde cells and cores are similarly limited.

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Yes, however I should mention that time is inverted. AM becomes PM and vice versa.

This allows for time-based events such as: -
- catching Pokemon at a certain time
- collecting the Zygarde cells

Other things that change are the Alters. In the alternate world they become their counterparts for both the one on Poni island and the lake on Ula'ula island.

Hope this helps.

So only the time changes, so I can't catch moon pokemon.
Yeah, I was hoping for the same too. They strongly encourage interaction with other players through trading in order to obtain Pokemon pretty much. It's why methods such as the 'Masuda method' (which is used for obtaining shiny Pokemon through breeding) exist.