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Playing Pokemon Moon, and I'm trying to get the secret Cosmog. I try to enter the portal at the Altar of the Moon and it says that I can't. Is it because it needs to be night in real life?

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If you are going to the Altar of the Moone in Pokemon Moon it has to be Daytime in your game. If you are Going to the Altar of the Sunne in Pokemon Sun then it has to be nighttime in your Game.

Since you have Moon, it has to be Daytime in that game in order to go to the Other world and get the Secret Cosmog. NOTE: you have to have Lunala in your party when you go to The Altar of the Moone.

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It is 8:56 PM right now in real time, the sky is dark in the game , I have sun and I still can't go into the portal
i know this wont be helpful to you but im pretty sure you need the box legend in your party