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All it learns is Splash, Teleport, and Cosmic Power. Is it even useful?


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No, they really aren't useful at all in any standard competitive formats.

However, in Hackmons, Cosmoem can be a beast. 131 Def and SpD with eviolite access? Are you serious? It sees some good use when you're allowed to have illegal movesets and abilities, but other than that, it really just has nothing to work with.

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It doesn't learn any physical / special attacks. But, I know that you can use Teleport outside of battle to go immediately to a Pokemon Center.
I haven't actually played SM, so I don't know how early in the game you get it or whether some better form of fast travel (since HMs were apparently removed) would be available at that point.
There are no field moves (including Teleport) in any game that includes Cosmoem, and you can't get Cosmog until you've beaten the league anyway.
They're useful for completing the Pokedex, but I doubt that really counts.
It kinda counts, Finchwidget, And it evolves into the game mascot, making it a brilliant GTS bargaining chip to get the mascot from the game U don't have.
That's a good point, but from what I understood of the question, I think the asker was looking for it's use from a battling standpoint, so that's why I said I doubt it counts.
You are correct.
Here’s how to train cosmog/cosmoem. Go to the exp hotspot that u can re battle. Be sure u keep cosmog/cosmoem at the front of the party. After just switch out to another Pokémon. After u defeat each Pokémon switch back to cosmog/cosmoem and repeat the process. Hope this helps