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It doesn’t make any sense !!!
Cosmog is lighter then a cutiefly which is a FLY !
And Cosmoem is heavier than Eternatus itself !
Then Solgaleo and Lunala come in the middle.
My question is : Is there an explanation for that ?

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One big reason I can think of for why Cosmog is 0.1 Kg is that it is the Nebula Pokémon. What are Nebula's made out of? They are made out of Gas which is very light and and not very dense in most ca ses. Also, Cosmog collects dust in.the atmosphere. Dust is also very light as well.
Source: https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Cosmog_(Pokémon)
Now, Cosmoem is known as the Protostar Pokémon. As I learned in Science last year, Nebula form.into Protostar, which then become a star once Nuclear Fusion happens. And just like any big body out in Space, it is extremely heavy. Hence, because of Cosmoem's relation to being a space body with a large amount of mass, this explains why Cosmoem is so heavy and Cosmog is so light.
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Well, Cosmoem is based off a black hole. Black holes are incredibly dense and heavy, so Cosmoem's weight is likely an indicator of that.

Cosmog, on the other hand is based off a molecular cloud. These were spread thin, and as such quite light.

Source: I had a lesson in black holes once in school.

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