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Right now I'm shiny hunting Igglybuff / Jigglypuff by SOS, and want it to be at least somewhat competitive in Single Battles. I checked it's abilities, and noticed it's hidden ability is Friend Guard, which you do not want on a Single Battling Pokemon, it's an ability for double battles. Remembering that there is some ability swapping item at Battle Royal, is it possible to switch HA Pokemon to regular abilities? Is there a different way from that item?

A hidden ability Igglybuff will evolve into a frisk Wigglytuff, and frisk may be better than competitive depending on the rest of your team and the format.

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Well, no.
The ability swapping item you're talking about is the Ability Capsule. It only switches between two regular abilities, such as an Ariados's Insomnia and Swarm.
The SOS method might work. However, there is an easier way to guarantee no HA. The Masuda Method.
If, by Link Trading, you can get a Pokemon you want from another country (in this case Wigglytuff/Jigglypuff/Igglybuff), you can breed it and boost the chances of getting a Shiny through breeding. Though make sure the parents don't have their HA!

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How is the Masuda method relevant here? It increases the chance of hatching Shiny Pokemon, but it doesn't affect ability inheritance as you suggest?
Because he is trying to AVOID the hidden ability, which you may find using SOS battles. Using the Masuda method, as long as the female doesn't have it's hidden ability, it will never appear, eliminating that variable.
The way the answer is written makes it sound like Masuda method actively prevents the hidden ability from being passed, which I maintain it does not. But I think I understand what it's getting at now. It's just very convoluted.
ah yes, I see your point: details
See, as long as neither parent has the hidden ability, it can't be received by the offspring. That's what I mean here. The chances of getting a shiny are increased, and it's impossible to get one with a Hidden Ability.
Through SOS chaining, the odds of getting a Hidden Ability Igglybuff are increased as time moves on. By the time he gets a shiny, there's a good chance it could be a hidden ability.
Thanks. I was wondering if the Ability Capsule worked with hidden abilities mainly, so thanks!