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What pokeball(s) can a HA Cranidos legally be in? And just a normal non-HA cranidos as well?
I know it could be in dream ball and of course normal pokeball, but anything else?


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HA Cranidos can only be found in Dreamballs or Pokeballs

Normal non-HA Cranidos can only be found in Pokeballs. As it can only be obtained through fossils.

There is one male Cranidos you can get with an Event Ball from an event in 2012 which was only available in Japan.

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In dream world before, could there have been a HA Female Cranidos available in dream ball? So it could pass down in breeding?
Yes. Female HA Cranidos can be found in the DW : http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Icy_Cave_(Dream_World_area)