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So, I caught 2 Fearows male and female. I saw that I needed to breed fearow so I could get a spearow. I just left them there and the day-care guy said they were guetting along. How much is it gonna take for me to pick them up and hatch the egg? I'm new to breeding, so sorry if this is a stupid question.

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Do you recall exactly what the Daycare worker said when you checked?  Different responses correspond to different % chance per egg cycle to make an egg.

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Just walk around a lot. It's about the same answer as the first one, but I'll be more specific here.

If there are two Pokemon that can breed in the daycare at that moment, every 256 steps you take, the game will roll for a value, and if that value falls into a specific range, an egg will be created for you to pick up. More information about the values can be found here.

As for how long it'll take to hatch the egg, it will take 3,840 steps, or 15 egg cycles. That information was found on the Spearow/Fearow dex page, under egg cycles.

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Usually if you just go onto different routes multiple times, the day care man will give you an egg if you do that for a while and come back and talk to him. I used this method many times and it worked for me.

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