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Explorers of Sky was definitely one of my favorite games growing up, and I was wondering if there would be any point in playing the previous versions of it, Time and Darkness. I don't know how the storyline would go for Time and Darkness considering what happened in Sky. Could someone recommend whether or not I should play Time/Darkness? Thanks!

Please include as little spoilers as possible for Time/Darkness. I know its an old game by now. Thanks again! :)

I play explorers of time

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No. The story of Time and Darkness is quite literally the exact same as Sky, but less. Time/Darkness and Sky do not have the same relationship as, say, Ruby/Sapphire and Emerald, where the third game hashes both plots together with a little bit extra on top. Sky is the exact same story as Time/Darkness but with more minor plot points like Shaymin Village and Spinda Café, or fun side quests like the Special Episodes, and less variety of starters. I played Explorers of Darkness before I played Sky and there is nothing Time/Darkness have that Sky doesn't.

Do yourself a favour and replay Explorers of Sky. It is the best Pokémon game.

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This is true^, sky is amazing