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In undella town I need some help battling the riches can you rate my pokemon?

Emboar lv: 37
Item: ring target
moves: flamethrower
flame charge (need to change to flame burst)
rock smash

Bravairy Lv: 58
crush claw
sky drop
super power

Magmortar lv: 50
hyper beam
solar beam
thunder punch

Fraxure Lv: 43 (always defeats kid's buizel LOL)
Dragon pulse
Dragon dance
false swipe
Dragon claw

(the rest are eggs)

R you really trying 2 beat them? Drop the eggs and get some more pokémon. Good news for you though. I just beat them and the last guy doesn't hav a pokémon over lv. 75. How about using reshiram or zekrom.

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Try leveling them up more like your Emboar and Fraxure to level 50, and lazygamer is right about the eggs and gamebeater right change your moves.

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Not very good movesets!

[email protected] band
Physical if your ability is blaze:
-Heat crash- STAB+Emboar's signature move. High damage because of it weight.
-Hammer arm- STAB better than rock smash
-Stone edge-Coverage

Special if your ability is blaze:
-Sunny day
-Focus blast-STAB

Anther special if your ability is blaze:
-Focus blast-STAB
-Fire blast-STAB
-HP Rock/Stone edge

Physical if your ability is reckless:
-Flare blitz-STAB+Ability
-Head smash-Ability+coverage
-Hammer arm-STAB

-Wild charge-Ability+coverage

Braviary:@Life orb
-Brave bird/aerial ace
-Hone claws


Magmrtar:@Life orb- Never use recharge move like hyper beam, giga impact etc.
if special swepper:
-sunny day
-focus blast

if mix swepper:
-Fire blast
-thunder punch
-brick break

if physical swepper:
-Flare blitz
-Cross chop


[email protected] orb-try to evolve it at lv.48
Also your moveset is horrible. Give to a pokemon false swipe only if you want to catch a pokemon. Also your dragon pulse isn't good at fraxure because of its small sp.atk
-Dragon dance
-Dragon claw
-Earthquake(when it evolves)
-Iron tail

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I don't have a choice band and a life orb
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All your pokemon are lower levels against the riches. Believe me,i have a Lv 84 emboar and it always beats the Buizel, but I lost to the 6th guy due to low hp, Level all your pokemon to lv 60 or 70 but Braivary is ok.