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Right now I have a ditto with 4IVs, and planning to do another sos-chain to get one with the IVs that the current one doesn't. How would I go about passing the combined IVs to one Pokemon?


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I'm not sure if you are aware, but two Dittos cannot breed together. Ditto can breed with Pokemon that aren't in the Undiscovered or Ditto egg groups; Ditto is part of the latter (obviously).

That doesn't seem to matter though, as you've already got a near-perfect Ditto with you already. IV Breeding in Gen VI onwards goes like this: give one of the parents hold the Destiny Knot and among all twelve IVs of the parents, five random IVs will be passed down to the offspring. One IV can be guaranteed to be passed down when one of the parents holds an EV-enhancing item corresponding to the stat they will pass down, while the other parent holds the Destiny Knot.

When it comes to IV breeding it's quite hit-and-miss. Even if you breed two perfect Pokemon together, the resulting Pokemon will always have five perfect IVs and a rogue IV that you will just need to continue breeding until it gets perfect. You can undergo the above process with your Ditto and another decent Pokemon, but know that it is quite impossible to get a perfect Pokemon. You can get close though!

Hope I helped. :)
Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pokémon_breeding#Generation_IV

Yup. I would personally recommend continuing to SOS chain until a 5 IV Ditto is caught, as this will likely save a fair bit of time. Breeding perfect offspring is pretty reasonable with a 5 IV Ditto -- it'll take longer than with a 6 IV one obviously, but it's certainly doable with a decent second parent (which, with time, you can breed for as well).