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I believe not, as Z-Metronome chooses a move and exclusive Z-Moves are only accessed when a specific Pokemon uses a specific move. I don't know what would happen if Eevee used an Extreme Evoboostable move though via Metronome (assuming it can learn it? I thought it did I dunno)
if  darkest lairiat gets chosen does it use  Malicious Moonsault or  Black Hole Eclipse

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No it can't. Exclusive z-moves require special moves, such as darkest lariat, or volt tackle, or a specific Pokemon. The Pokemon with metronome do not have those moves, so they can't use exclusive z-moves. [EDIT] Smeargle can learn BOTH metronome and the moves needed, so I'm not sure.

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No because the only way to use z-metrnome is to have a normilium z crystal and you can only use a normal type move for this specific z move.

Z-Metronome can call a Z-Move of any type, not just Normal.
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As someone who had this experience just a couple days ago, I can confirm that while Z-Metronome can pull exclusive moves like Darkest Lariat, it treats them the same as other moves under the Z-Metronome effect: the move's type is considered, and the respective Z-Move is used if it's a damage move. So in Darkest Lariat's case, your Pokemon uses Black Hole Eclipse, not Malicious Moonsault.

tl;dr: If the move Metronome pulls is a status move, it doesn't get a Z-Boost. If it's a damage move, it only gets the respective type's Z-Move, not any that are exclusive to a move-pokemon combination.