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In my first fight with Lusamine her Clefable used metronome twice. The two times it did use metronome it used Glaciate and Nature's madness. Is this because the rng gods hate me, or because it's programmed to use those moves to make it more difficult?

Not sure, but don't buy the lottery anytime soon, just in case.
When I fought her it used Lunar Dance. Scrub.
Glaciate and nature's madness are two of the worst ones, so you got off luckily.
Ha Ha.He used Double Slap and Roar of time against my Mimikyu
Worst fight o ever had:

Uses Judgement
Then uses Hypnosis
Dream Eater
Bug Buzz

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You are cursed by the RNG Gods

All right, so based on what other people have played, Lusamine's Clefable uses Metronome whose moves are quite random.

Like, in this video for example (Battle begins at 19:00), Clefable uses Metronome times, getting Encore, then Fiery Dance, then Wood Hammer, none of which are of the severity you observed. Sorry about that. :/

Disclaimer: Video ain't mine, nor do I have permission. I just used it as an example. Hope that's okay.

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It used Tail Slap too, if that's anything. Missed, though.

Sleep Powder and Spider Web? When will this madness end?!

This Clefable is a pain in the posterior for sure.
Well rip. The RNG gods have hated me for the last couple months now.
Ugh, i hated that battle. that Clefable used a lot of moves, some legendary, some belong to the starters, and others just ticked me off. then just when i have it at barely any health, it uses Moonlight and heals itself. UGH! (and quick question, what is RNG? this is the first time i have ever heard of that)
RNG stands for "random number generator"