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I have no idea for which one is the best for me to use with Metronome. I need a Metronome user in my team...

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I don't think it matters. Both will almost certainly be defeated before their metronome does anything useful.
Still... Which one out of them is better
Also, *metronome
So do tags autocorrect? Cuz Metronome is spelled right in the tags but wrong in the question.
Pokebase suggests tags, and the person who asked the question probably clicked on one of the suggested tags.

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Compared to Clefable, Blissey has much better HP and slightly better special defense. This makes Blissey harder to defeat, so Blissey is better than Clefable for using metronome. However, there's one Pokemon that's superior to both of them: Chansey. Its stats are only a bit worse than Blissey's, but they become much better when the Chansey is given an eviolite.

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I played through all of Y with a Metronome-only team, great way to add some entertainment to a game that's otherwise somewhat of a cakewalk. Both have pros and cons. I would however recommend eviolite Chansey over Blissey. It's more of a wall/staller since it has almost zero physical attack, and there are precious few offensive moves it can randomly draw that it can pull off. Clefable can actually hurt other Pokémon, and can utilise far more offensive moves both physical and special. It's more vulnerable defensively, though.

This would depend on what you're after, and why you would actually want Metronome on a Pokémon at all. Great for novelty teams, not much else.