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I want to be able to scout all possible notable trainers, and so far I have Mallow, Grimsley, Dexio, Guzma, Cynthia, Wally, and Colress. I keep hearing that Kiawe and Sina are possible, but I haven't seen them. Are there any others than the people I've scouted?


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The Notable trainers that come to the Battle tree are:

Red (Main Character in R/B/Y).
Blue (Rival in R/B/Y).
Wally (Second Rival in R/S/E).
Anabel (Frontier Brain in Emerald).
Cynthia (Champion in D/P/Pt).
Colress (Team Plasma Admin in B2/W2)
Grimsley (Elite Four in B/W/B2/W2).
Sina (Girl that shows you to Professor's lab in X/Y).
Dexio (Boy that shows you to Professor's lab with Sina in X/Y).
Mallow (Grass type Trail Captain in Sun/Moon).
Kiawe (Fire type Trail Captain in Sun/Moon).
Mohn (Poke Pelago guy in Sun/Moon).
Plumeria (Team Skull Admin in Sun/Moon).
Guzma (Team Skull Leader in Sun/Moon).

Hopes this helps :)

Is there a special requirement to get Sina, Anabel, Kiawe, Mohn, and Plumeria? I have moon if this helps.