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I looked up a list of all trainers in the battle tree, but some of the people listed (Sina, Kiawe, Plumeria) I have never seen despite having been doing it for a few weeks now. I only end up with Dexio, Grimsley, Cynthia, Wally, Guzma, and Mallow show up. I realized that Dexio and Sina are counterparts, so are Guzma/Plumeria, and Mallow/Kiawe. Are Sina, Plumeria, and Kiawe sun exclusive trainers?

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I believe some of the champions from other regions.

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Yes, some special trainers in the Battle Tree are version exclusive and you are unable to scout or battle them in the other version.
Sina, Plumeria, and Kiawe are exclusive to Sun whereas Dexio, Guzma, and Mallow are exclusive to Moon.


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