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I have some similarities here:

  • They are both in the field egg group so they can breed.

  • If you see a Miltank or Tauros, Tauros may call Miltank and Miltank may call a Tauros.

  • They have the same base stat.

But I do not know if these are hints to however thay are related or not.

I'll appreciate an answer. :3
- Sincerely, Choco. ;3


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Miltank and Tauros aren't related via evolution, but they are male and female counterparts. Miltank are only female, and Tauros are only male. So it's sort of like how cows and bulls are quite different in real life.

Other Pokemon that are m/f counterparts are Volbeat(M) and Illumise(F), because they are meant to be like fireflies, and male and female fireflies have some sort of significant difference to do with how they communicate with each other using their lights. You could also say that Kangaskhan is a m/f counterpart (since it's only female and based off of a real-life animal), but it still doesn't have a male counterpart.

Unless you include the whole Marowak-Cubone-Kangaskhan-Missingno theory:

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