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I'm curious and slightly confused.
Are the eyes the lines on the bone like mask (I really don't know what that is), or the red dots. On multiple sprites, it is shown that they are on both sides of it's face.
Same for Kabuto. Are the eyes the black dots on top, or the red ones at the bottom?

Pretty sure it’s the red ones on both but I have no evidence
Relicanth's eyes are the lines on it's boney head plate.  The red spots are false eyes, to confuse predators.
PhailRaptor, kabuto has 2 pairs of eyes.
EspeonUmbreonDaKings I never referred to Kabuto, and was not discussing it.

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...there is a red spot located on both sides.

Bulbapedia probably would have said "eyes" instead of "red spots" if they were in fact eyes.


There are two small, black eyes on top of its shell, which it uses for sight when it hides on the ocean floor... second pair of luminescent red eyes are visible on its underside.


Kabuto has two sets of eyes -- the ones on top, and the ones under the shell.

Hope I helped!


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I never knew that. Thanks.
You're welcome!
Kabutos red eyes are it's actual eyes
It has 2 pairs of eyes Stonjourner.
Like relicanth it has fake eyes on top