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In Pokémon Moon, I raised a Happiny to max happiness, but when I try to use a Oval Stone when it's day time in the game, the game says Happiny is unable to evolve. Is there something I'm missing?

Are you giving it the Oval Stone and levelling it up, or are you trying to use the Oval Stone on it like you would with any other evolutionary stone?
Remember, in Sun and Moon, the game reverses time from what time it really is and in-game. So if you start Sun during day, (like I did) the time will actually function like it does in real life. And if you start Moon during day in real life, when its night in real life then its day in the game. And day to real time is night to Moon.
Well what does that have to do with it? Just asking though
I was just trying to use the stone during day time in the game
You can't use the oval stone on Happiny, otherwise it would just say it's unable to evolve. You have to give Happiny the item to hold then level it up during daytime in-game.

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Happiny has to hold the Oval Stone while it gains a level in order to evolve. The time of day doesn't matter for it.