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I heard that you can't do level 100 all battles in this gen. If so does this mean I have to level up all my gen V pokemon to level 100?

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Shx told me
Can you word it a bit better though?
My keyboard only lets me type 6word/min
I think I understand what you are asking. Are you asking if you can do level 100 Wi-Fi battles where your Pokemon become level 100 no matter what level they are?
Auto level?
Yes  trachy
Yes like at the battle institute or battle subway your pokemon are taken to level 50 not sure about 100 though
I ment it to be an anser in the fist place
There's no Lvl. 100 feature!
The world is wrong with you

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Actualy you don have to since infared connection battle is 6 on 6 and level 50 limt. if your levels are higher, it will be lowered to level 50 including stats

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