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the other day, I was trying to get a shiny exegcute(because of the sightseer in poni Pokemon center) and I kept it on red health, used an adrenaline orb, and only fainted the exegcute that answered the SOS call. this kept happening until it had to use struggle and fainted. is there something i'm doing wrong?


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Nah, you're doing it right!

A couple things I'd recommend, however:
Swap out the calling Pokemon every once in a while. Like you said, you kept it up till the Exeggute used Struggle. This can be avoided by knocking out the calling Pokemon for every 10-15 Pokemon it calls, depending on the success and frequency of the calls. That'll make chaining way easier.
Stock up on Leppa Berries. With such a long chain, you will inevitably run out of moves. So just use Poke Pelago to farm a whole load of Leppa Berries before chaining so that you're main chainer doesn't struggle himself to death.

Other than that, you've been doing everything alright! A shiny could very well take a while to get in a chain, so just be patient and keep doing what you're doing, and eventually, if you keep at it, it'll come! Happy hunting!

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tnx! it did help!
No problem! Glad I could help!
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You should switch the Pokemon that is calling every so often so it doesn't run out of PP. If it does, it will most likely kill itself with struggle. So don't let it run outta PP! Hope I helped!