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Stupid question:
I'm thinking of shiny hunting Pancham is SM or USUM. I chained it a while ago in UM to get Scrappy but can't entirely remember if Pangoro was a special helper or not... I feel like it was just Pangoro that got called in everytime, but I also feel like that's wrong, y'know? I'm hoping that I can catch my shiny as a Pancham so that I get the pleasure of evolving it myself.

So, in short, will Pancham call in other Pancham?


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Bulbapedia has a nifty chart

Yes, Pancham can only call a Pangoro, or another Pancham for help.

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Ah, thanks. I saw the chart but it showed both Pokemon as allies and no percentages to them. I could of just looked up a video but figured I might as well ask it here :p
Yeah it's kinda odd that they don't give you the %. Bulbapedia is usually pretty thorough when it comes to that sort of stuff.