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When I say this I mean non game-breaking glitch Pokemon, and Battle with other people not in game trainers

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Yes, anything that can happen in Red/Blue on the GameBoy CAN happen in the 3ds Virtual Console. Hope I helped!

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Does this mean I can encounter game breaking glitches like AZAZZ? (i think thats what its called)
No, that can only be encountered in XY and can only be battled after the main storyline.
I'm not talking about AZ, i'm talking about as game breaking pokemon glitch from red and blue @sumwun

also i spelled it wrong its ZZAZZ
I believe you can!
well i'm going to have some fun >:D
However, if you use item overflow be careful with the money value, as it has changed strangely over the games.
kthnx @Rick Gastly
Technically I think there are more differences between the two you can find here:

But for the most part, the games are very similar. In fact, it's now possible to expand on some glitches because of the way the virtual console handles invalid op codes and stuff.