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Pretty sure the question says it all.

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I'm pretty sure they do.

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This is a pretty good explanation of Breeding

All Level Up moves, TM moves, and HM moves are passed down from the father.

If this doesn't answer your question, please comment. I'm assuming this is the answer you're looking for.

I tested this in Pokémon Platinum with a female rhyhorn and a male Piloswine that knew earthquake. I hatched two rhyhorn eggs and they both had earthquake as a move, along with horn attack and tail whip (the normal moves a rhyhorn is born with).

Note: not to be rude, but you could've easily tested this yourself, especially if you already have the Pokémon ready to go. Not that I minded too terribly to test it for you, but I'm a fairly busy person who has commitments that take priority. Nevertheless, don't be afraid to ask breeding questions, but if you can answer them yourself, please do. :)


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Bulbapedia says both parents need to know a level-up move to pass that move. Can you, like, test it or something?
Can you give me a for-instance?
Otherwise, expect a response tomorrow with what I tested.
Or, you know, you could test it.
This is the specific example I'm using this information for. I want a low-level Rhyhorn that knows earthquake so I can trade it to SS and it will be extremely powerful but still obey me. Rhyhorn can learn earthquake by level up or TM. If I breed a female Rhyhorn that doesn't know earthquake with a compatible male that does, will their children know earthquake?