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PokeBank just came out, and I am really excited to transfer Pokemon from X to Sun AND to get the Mew Z-Crystal, but it costs $4.99 a year. Is it really worth it?


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$4.99 is really not a lot, and if you want a living dex or extra storage it is great. If you aren't interested in this, I wouldn't bother. Note that you can also transfer Pokemon from Gen 1 VC Games.


4.99 a year is 4.99/365 for every day, which is roughly $0.01.

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+1 for Math. Can't argue with the facts.
1 cent, haha! Also there used to be a event for the Regis in 2016 with Pokebank.
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Yes because upon downloading you get the mewnium Z as mentioned, and also 720 bonus battle points.