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I'm replaying Pokemon Moon and I'm trying to find a cutiefly with shield dust but they always have honey gather, which is useless.

The other option is to grind out BP at the Battle Royal and buy an Ability Capsule to force it to swap.  Probably time consuming, and perhaps difficult if you're starting over, but still an alternative.
I definitely do not have the time or patience for that, haha... But thanks for the answer!

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Well, if you're asking about the rate at which you can find Shield Dust Cutiefly, it is 50%, so you just have to keep trying. So far I've not come across any source claiming that certain Routes have Honey Gather exclusive Cutiefly, so keep trying!

In most wild Pokémon encounters, the Pokémon's Ability will be one of its non-Hidden Abilities (each having an even chance of appearing if the species has two)


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