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Like Meloetta and Virizion, they're clearly female but are stated as genderless. But then we have Tornadus Thundurus and Landorus, and they have genders. Why is this?

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Don't forget Lunala and Solgaleo, according to there pokedex's they are of opposite genders.
Yeah, I completely forgot about them.
Remember, Heatran can have genders.
Legendary Pokemon can't breed, so the only effect of genders would be vulnerability to infatuation and captivate. However, I have no idea why Heatran and some others have gender.

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It's probably because game freak doesn't want someone to start hating their games because "It's so sexist" and "Well, I think arceus is a girl!" or something. As for the demons of agriculture, I can't say I know about that one. Also, people would want to make game freak cause a new legendary to become the gender of THEIR choice, so it is just easier to say that they don't have genders.

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